How to create NFT?

Rarible has been one of the most popular NFT market place. The site has seen tremendous popularity thanks to the feature which lets people create and sell their own NFTs.

Steps to create and sell your own NFT

Firstly, you would need a Rarible account. The site lets you sign in through multiple ways such as:

Page. Credit – Rarible
  • Metamask
  • Torus
  • Beacon
  • Blocto
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Portis
  • Coinbase
  • My Ether Wallet
  • Fortmatic

If you have one of these accounts, you can easily login and create your own NFTs. Since, Metamask is the most popular crypto-wallet, we will use it to login and then create NFTs.

2. Click create button on the top-right of the page. Alternatively click here.

Rarible Home Page

3. Choose Ethereum Blockchain. If you are familiar with Tezos or Flow, you can choose as per your will.

Credit- Rarible

Note that you will need to login with Beacon Wallet for Tezos and Blocto for Flow.

Here, we are proceeding with the Ethereum Blockchain.

2. Next choose whether you want to create a single NFT or multiple( an NFT collection). Each picture, video, audio, etc., you upload will be created a separate NFT.

Credit- Rarible

4. You need to fill in few details in this step.

  • Choose an Image, Video File or Audio to upload in the prescribed format. Click on the choose file to upload and browse to select the file.
Credit – Rarible
Credit – Das Finance

Select one from the options:

  • Fixed Price – for selling at a price fixed by you.
  • Open for bids – to let people decide which price they wish to buy.
  • Timed auction – auction through bids but within a limited period.

5. Pricing and Naming

  • Enter the price if you are selling at a fixed price. For bids an auctions leave it as it is.
  • Choose the collection. For a single item, its better to choose Rarible/RARI.
  • Click Buyer will pay gas fees for minting, if you do not want to pay the minting fees now.
  • Choose a name for your NFT. Add a description if you want.
  • Select a Royalty option. It means how much would you get if your NFT is resold on the network by other people.

6. Click Create Item.

The NFT now created will be kept in your Metamask wallet and if sold the price will be transferred to the same wallet.

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