Tech Monopolies

Google is by all practical definitions a monopoly, and they control the very markets they “work” in. They make the decisions and they decide who wins and loses. They also own 90% of the Ad marketplace and systems in place for it. And not only that, but they have actually underbid competitors in markets and WON, because they control the marketplace they are using to do the bidding.

This only scratches the surface of the issues involved with Google, and they are being taken to task for it in lawsuits. The government MUST break up Google and punish them for their clearly ILLEGAL behavior. And in assistance with this, internal Google emails have been brought forward showing actual programs (not a coding thing, but like a war strategy program) to make sure they would dominate, control, and then work with other tech giants who were not direct competitors to secure their place as the only real choice and power in the markets they now clearly DO control. These programs also worked to make sure that the general public, or the media, did NOT find out about any of this; because like pointed out, not only would it be a PR nightmare, but it is highly ILLEGAL.

So who was one of the biggest “others” working with Google? FACEBOOK. Evidence shows that Google and Facebook worked together on more than one aspect of the domination scheme which would allow Facebook to remain an essentially non-competing resource or entity, but they would assist Google, and Google would “build a moat” (Google’s words) to protect Facebook and at the same time funnel what they (Facebook) needed to them.

The arrangement also allowed for Facebook to participate in market bidding and receive a certain share of the “wins” in the process. While a much smaller share than Google, they would still benefit, since Google COULD simply outbid them at will, or underbid them and declare themselves the winners as they have been shown to do already, since they RUN the marketplace being used to bid.

Not only this, since Google owns the marketplace and there is virtually no viable alternatives, they also harm the average consumer or customer. Their ad-rate exchanges take about double the amount from the customer/”partner” as any competing ad sharing exchanges. But since they dominate the ad-sharing and generating market they become the default for those wanting to actually participate in that type of revenue generation market.

So to say this is a free and fair market, or that they have become the “top dog” simply by offering the best services and prices available would be the complete opposite of reality. And this is a huge problem. But not only is this a problem, it is one of MANY problems.

Since they in essence dominate and operate the various markets they now outright control and OWN, they can dictate other matters as well; such as what is considered TRUTH, and who can and can not utilize the various markets and media platforms. This is why over the past year or more I have pointed out that there was (in spite of their denials) cooperation, collusion, and outright working in tandem between Facebook, Google, and other big tech Giants to censor content on the various “separate” and “not connected” social media platforms; and then at the same time work to eliminate members from the ability to use the platforms at all.

What was worse than that, as if it COULD get worse, they also worked to get their “enemies” (the truth speakers) removed from banking, payment processing, credit cards, and more. Essentially since they had fingers in many tech related and “run by” aspects of daily and business life, and/or could exert pressures based on the complete domination of markets they literally OWNED, cyber/tech-fascism became the order of the day; and still IS.

Various programs and outright illegal actions from Google, with partnerships with Facebook, Microsoft, and potentially others, with names like “Jedi Blue” work to keep this juggernaut in power and control, with the others involved seeing benefit by not being completely dominated themselves. And exposed programs now show that the ultimate goal was to make the Internet like a garden that Google was in complete control over, if not outright owned. But being in control is often more than enough.

So not only is commerce, ads, and other monetary matters being controlled by Google, but they and their minions, working in tandem, dominate and control general content and social media markets as well. And they are running it with “woke” policies and goals. Facebook has been exposed to actually have an internal Social Justice Message Board for staff to deal with and then remove political and social views they didn’t agree with; to include the individuals or groups themselves, not just the speech or content.

And this is why when a person or group was removed from one platform it was seen that they were almost immediately also removed from others. But the platforms denied any cooperation or collusion in the actions. It was known to be an outright LIE when stated, but now evidence has come out that proves that was in point of fact the case. And what is worse in this situation was that not only were the “tech overlords” working together in this attempted purge (which make no mistake, is still going on), but the GOVERNMENT was working with them as well.

However, if you think this is all quite bad enough, the process goes even deeper than all that. The tools and software used by publishing and general online activities was developed to suppress opposing views and political/social opposition. Facebook and other platforms use these tools regularly, and some platforms may have been unaware of their impact; but Google and Facebook certainly knew. They suppress opposing political and/or social views and those who espouse them.

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