Fast racing Cars: Season Review (its just a hype)

The 2023 F1 Bahrain Race was nothing short of a spectacle. The event was held at the Bahrain International Circuit, which is one of the most iconic tracks in the world of motorsport.

The race began with a bang as the drivers tore down the straightaway and into the first turn. The noise of the engines was deafening, and the crowd cheered as the cars battled for position. The first few laps saw some close racing, with several drivers jockeying for position and trying to gain an advantage. But already by the first turn it was clear that Max Verstappen of Red Bull was going to lead the race and quite easily. The top drivers were pushing their cars to the limit, with each one trying to gain an edge over the others. The sound of screeching tires and roaring engines filled the air as the drivers pushed harder and harder. 

One of the standout performers of the race was Fernando Alonso, who was driving for Aston Martin. Alonso had a slow start to the race due to being hit by his teammate Lance Stroll, but quickly made up ground and began to climb the leaderboard. He made some fantastic overtaking maneuvers, especially his move on Hamilton which was in such an unexpected position. Eventually found himself in third place, giving Aston Martin a greatly surprising podium.

This was unexpected due to once again a fault with the engine of Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari which gave in and broke down giving the third place to his teammate Carlos Sainz, the problem was that the degradation of the Ferrari’s tires was really bad and the Aston, on the other hand, is quite kind on its tires, allowing Alonso to snag the last podium spot and giving everyone a happy ending.

The eventual winner of the race was Max Verstappen. Verstappen had a strong start to the race and had no problem maintaining his lead. He showed great composure and skill throughout the race, driving flawlessly to take the checkered flag and secure his team’s first win of the season. In second, his teammate Sergio “Checo” Perez closed the race giving Red Bull a 1-2 which is the first one in quite a while at a season opener, a great start for the title defenders. You can find the rest of the standings on the F1 website. 

A few more notable mentions are Lance Stroll, coming back from surgery for his broken wrists in only two weeks and getting sixth place, an outstanding performance from him, Pierre Gasly starting last and coming back all the way to ninth place, another great performance was from Logan Sargeant, keeping it clean and coming in 12th place for his first race in F1.

All of the drivers had a clean race and only a couple had to retire which were due to engine problems and faults with the cars.

But will the season keep delivering like this first race? Will Red Bull win the rest of the races just as easily as this one? It is all still yet to come and all we can hope is that the races will continue to show us this great fighting. I am now cheering for Verstappen after he seems rejuvenated in such a great car, let’s hope he can keep this pace up.

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