When exams come over

I always thought the concept of academic validation was one of the most relatable things there could be and it actually is. I got the portions and timetable for my exam yesterday and to say i’m stressed,,, would be an understatement.

I don’t even remember how to study ?? open the book and start taking notes ?? its been a while since i actually and genuinely sat down and studied and I’m pretty sure many of the people around me feel the same way.

thankfully ( and like always) it’s not too late to start studying, preparing, and stuff and i hope I’ll be able to break through February as a much accomplished and satisfied teenager who successfully was academically and mentally validated.

i also started the month off strong by reading 2 books in 2 days but right now the only books i’ll be reading are textbooks and rightfully so !! my lofty goal of 200 books in 2022 can definitely wait until summer break begins and looking at the brighter side of the situation, all my textbooks definitely bump up the reading goal anyway.

it’s kind of scary to think 11th grade is almost over ?? and it’s kind of stressful. it’s like coming-of-age but the coming of age. weird wording but so is the sentiment. it’s like realizing there’s very little time before you grow up and do big people things ?? there’s still a decent amount of time left but the thought of becoming big and mature and educated and stuff is kind of scary, weird to visualize yet something I can totally see happening.

life is very tiring but so am i.

lets keep complaining

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