Etiquette is an often neglected topic in modern-day life. However, I would say it should become a habit!

I have grown up in an army family and ever since I was in grade 2, my father has been teaching me the “ART OF HANDSHAKES.” At time he has corrected me/scolded me/shouted on me for not having the correct handshake position.

A handshake is accepted by both men and women. But when it’s appropriate and who gives his hand to greet first?

1)Only the right hand is given for a handshake. The same rules apply to left-handed people.

2)The hand should not be weak or relaxed, but also you shouldn’t squeeze the hand strongly.

3)The hand for a greeting is extended vertically. The thumbs should be connected to the “lock” and the hands have to be shaken three times from the elbow.

4) The elderly person is the first to extend his hand for a handshake. The boss to employee.

5)The woman is the first to extend her hand to the man, but the woman can decide whether she wants a handshake or not.

6)In male company, everyone shakes hands.If you know only one person in a group, you still shake hands with everyone.

7)When several couples meet, women greet each other first and after they greet men, then men greet everyone.

Following this my dad taught me the different meanings to each different type of handshake and ways you can get to know a lot about a person just by there handshakes:-

1. Sweaty palms: When a person is nervous their sympathetic nervous system often becomes overactive, thereby resulting in sweaty palms.

2. Dead fish: Of all the types of handshakes, the ‘dead fish’ is the most infamous one. The hand has no energy, there is no shake, no squeeze, not even a pinch, and it gives the feeling you are holding a dead fish instead of a hand.

3. Brush off: This handshake type is a quick grasp and then a release that feels like your hand being shoved aside. This handshake is a statement of “it’s my turf and my agenda that matters, yours doesn’t.”

4. The two handed handshake: Usually seen among Politicians, this type of handshake is said to convey the meaning of warmness, friendly, honest and trustworthy. But there’s a catch here: if his/her left hand is staying on your hand, it is a sincere handshake. However, if the hand goes up your wrist, your arms or your elbow, he is trying to get something from you, trying to be the dominant one.

5. Lobster Claw: Like the claw of a lobster, the other person’s thumb and fingers touch the palm of your hand. The person doing this fears connecting at a deep level and may have challenges building relationships.

6. The Top-Handed Shake: Instead of holding his hand in a vertical position, this hand shaker holds it horizontally, so that his hand is on top of yours. This means he feels superior to you.

7. The Pusher: While this person shakes your hand, she extends her arm so that you can’t get close to her. She needs space and is not letting you in. You must give her the physical and emotional space she is asking for, if you want to be her friend.


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