Washrooms| NOT Safe for women|

What is the safest place for women in today’s world?.

Why I need to think about this question so long??…

I can’t consider the society, where every day they are raped by skunks. I can’t consider the homes, where every day they’re realized that they are only Girls……………. Then where???……….

Sorry to say, but as far as I can see, the washroom is the safest place for them to survive……

Oh wait!!! I don’t think that’s either true anymore after the chandigarh University incident that recently took place where nude videos of girls bathing in their washrooms were leaked?

They aren’t safe on the roads. They aren’t safe in the buses. They aren’t safe in colleges, schools, and offices. Why??…..because the other sex is dominating everywhere and claims full freedom to do anywhere anything to them. Is it right or not??…

I think the families are doing the right thing by locking them in the homes!!!…. Just one step they are far to make the girls fully secure….and that is, By keeping them in the closets. Then there will be no rapes, right??… No conflicts, no teasing problems, nothing. Am I right?? Problem solved!

In India, I think just in last 2 or 3 months, I’ve heard more than 15 news of rapes all around the country. This has now become a very serious issue. Solution??…… By cutting their already crumbled freedom and confine them in the cells of the homes behind the walls like the inmates and do not allow them to wear shorts because some debaucher will attack their curves and riddle their souls???….

One class of people think so…., especially of rural areas. They think that they could solve this problem by completely abolishing the liberty of girls instead of taking and supporting strict actions against the convicts and rapists.

“Washrooms are also NO longer safe for women” – This is what their intellect says.

However, not all the people of the world think like this. But I’m afraid that they are transferring their thoughts to the younger generation boys somehow and these boys will become the future of that state or country, where they reside.

If we will try to understand them that what they are doing is not really a solution or appropriate thinking, might be our efforts will go in vain. It is always hard to break the intellectual chains of ‘arrogant people’. A leopard cannot change its spots. In my opinion, awakening the intellect of girls could be a better option. Making them self dependent, aware, mentally and physically strong would an appropriate step to abolish those several issues.

Far long gone is the idea of “SAFE ENVIRONMENT” for women, let’s just first work on making WASHROOMS!!! safe for women.

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