People, trains, violence, rapes

People work their asses all their lives, save money, and invest it to buy things they worked their whole life for. And suddenly one day, a few guys, who have no conscience of what’s happening in the world, and without feeling guilty for their actions, get away with their crimes which have caused so much loss and suffering to normal people who had nothing to do with their business.

I have seen news stories about violence and protests for the last 4 years, and while this may seem normal, what makes me sad is that the right to protest has been normalized too much. Yes, people have the right to raise their voices and protest as much as they want to, but doing so in such a manner that causes loss of property and life of other people who have nothing to do with protests is such a shitty mess.

I recently came across news where protestors burned a train during their protests, which resulted in the death of a few people. In another video, I came across a guy weeping because he lost his vehicle due to violent protests which he bought after doing so much work. Imagine losing your life savings just like that. Would you be happy? Of course, you won’t be. No one will be.

And these protestors think they own the streets because the right to protest in a democracy has gone too far. People don’t like something so they block the roads for months, burn the trains, destroy the streets, etc. So, do the people sitting in the parliament think this is the right that people must have? Duck your rights.

Too much of anything is never good. I have nothing against the right to protest but do it properly. People and the media will still see you. Why do you have to become violent just because you don’t like something? Media, politicians, and people with aggressive mindsets are all to blame for this.

Side 1 will argue that this is not the right way to do protests, so side 2 will counter by arguing that side 1 is raising questions on their right to protest. SHUT UP.

This issue has very deep roots, and I am amazed that even a government that has an absolute majority in the house and is so tough to defeat at the moment can’t handle such issues.

Those people have lost their lives, someday it can be me, someday it can be you. Don’t become a fool. We have to understand as citizens that while we can protest as much as we want to, turning violent in the name of protest has got nothing to do with our rights. You are straight up committing a crime.

Young people who have so much energy and ideas are even more prone to get into such happenings. Because they are made to believe that they can do such things just because they “can”. I hope everyone can understand that we can fix things without arguing endlessly and turning violent. We can fix shit, just sit down and talk man. Just do it. What will come out of burning a fucking train? News headlines? Attention? Not worth it.

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