How to Overcome Hopelessness

From time to time, we all go through feelings of hopelessness and melancholy. Feeling down and drained which leads to feeling isolated is a natural response of our body letting us know that we are overworking ourselves, both mentally and physically. That’s why, I wanted to share with you some ways on how to overcome those emotions.


When you feel you are at your lowest point, do activities that uplift you whether it’s a hobby of yours or things that you enjoy doing. For instance, I tend to gravitate towards art and nature when I am down. Those activities will not only distract your mind but they can also end up becoming a huge part of your life.


Something that I remind myself when I go through those emotions is the fact I’m not the only one feeling that way. Whether it’s sadness, loneliness or hopelessness, you have to allow yourself to feel it in order to let it go. Sometimes, you can’t run away from those emotions and you shouldn’t either. You don’t have to embrace them but you have to accept them in order to overcome them.


It’s important to let those emotions out in one way or another. Doing activities will distract your mind and sometimes help release those emotions but other times, you will have to let them out of your system by speaking to your loved ones. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing those deep emotions with your loved ones then write them. At the end, what’s important is you not holding onto those feelings and reminding yourself that things will get better.


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