Loosing someone

I have been up all night listening songs, thinking about upcoming days, and thinking loosing someone you have gained is really sensitive, hard, painful and that makes me numb, exactly feels like a hot sunny day in a beach and the cool water waves want’s to meet the hot sand but they aren’t meeting each other, feels like fire needs an ice but instead someone is playing with the ice, uselessly instead of solving the problem going on.

Loosing someone is really painful, someone who used to talk to in school, see everyday in school, “lost” this word is really tricky, even while writing this am numb I still don’t know what is being lost. It’s like, up until now, everything made sense, everything had a point to it, and I thought I knew where I was headed. But man, how fast that can change!

Y’know, it’s a rough day when you encounter a situation that you have always witnessed over television actually happened in from of your eyes.

Every single happy and successful person I know can’t tell me their story without telling me the many detours they’ve encountered. So it’d be pretty silly for us to expect our journeys to be so damn easy, wouldn’t it?

So if you’re feeling lost like me, keep walking. Because though not everybody who wanders is lost, everybody who is lost should keep on wandering.

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