Humour of opinion

What one notices another never considers. What each person finds important.

I suppose, there are various reasons people blog, but I think the two main ones are to make money and to share ideas and observations.  The first I get, and as such, know the writer is subject to the audience’s approval, but some are looking only for substance: real substance.  The second I gather some have discovered a better way to share with others, perhaps reaching a larger audience, and they wish to communicate areas of interest or importance, perhaps both..  And among those are some quite well-thought articles, bringing to mind things we may never have considered otherwise.  There are many chefs, and some have a flair for words and presentation, but the actual recipes are sometimes quite interesting. Perhaps, one day, I’ll be able to make some of those wonderful dishes that others can appreciate and enjoy.  And of course, other subjects of thoughtful writing, history and cities around the globe.

                In a sense, the picture above represents the blogging world.  There are as many ideas as there are people in the blogging “pool” or crowd.  There are also as many opinions as there are people in this world.  As such, as in all things, many of us look for writers who have something of true interest, never mind the crowd.  Why?  The ones who share, having pondered and considered (sometimes at length), living thoughtfully, often have something the rest of us can appreciate, consider, and perhaps over time, putting different words to the music.  As such, the audience is not the thought, in a sense.  The writer is writing to the audience, and is respectful of them, hoping they “catch the meaning,” but the meaning has to come first, again, in a sense. However, it’s nice to have thoughtful dialogues. However, having said that, I believe, more will appreciate the honesty and integrity than otherwise would have occurred had the writer was mostly looking for approval.  That last one waters things down.  And if money, making money, is the goal, I think one has to decide what’s more important.  Over time. If you can do both, for a thoughtful, pondering, and appreciative audience, all the better.

The world is filled with people. We aren’t islands. We’re a people. And we have a responsibility to one another: honesty. But honesty is first.

here is another consideration.  Not everyone will get you, even if you’re completely honest, as best you can be.  Sometimes, a little humor will help. The media, public propaganda camps, television, and a growing dependency on social acceptance via twitter and such has “conditioned” many to “fear” the opinions of the masses. Well, first it got too many thinking having many “online friends” and “thumbs ups” was important and popular.  Most politicians are this way, and they work to condition us to be so.  As such, they would have us live in constant conflict with ourselves. because you can’t need everyone’s approval and be happy.  I know some people that many good things can be said about something they’ve written, but they focus on the one negative comment. I gather something has made them need constant validation, so they’re slaves to everyone’s opinion.  Better to be honest and never mind strangers, but just to do one’s honest best, as best you can.  Again, a little humor in this can sometimes help, shining the light on over-worry or just plain overthinking.

What was it a famous person who was down to Earth said: To thine own self be true. Then you’ll be honest with everyone. I just say follow the rabbit of reason down the trail of understanding. But I think the first was said better. Hmmm…

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