How does Direct Selling contribute to Indian Economy?

Direct selling is worth millions in India. But its worth to the economy is the impeccable support it has given to the marginalized groups. Anybody can carry out a direct selling business. People who have a business and regular jobs are doing direct selling business in India. The significant impact is what the industry has done for women empowerment. Also, it supports people in rural areas to step into business.

When more small-scale business gets started in the country, it is beneficial in many ways. More businesses bring more money and consumption to the economy. A high level of financial activities supports the economy of that particular region. Small businesses liberate people with financial freedom and security. It will, in turn, helps in reducing the income disparity. Women and other marginalized groups have a great opportunity with direct selling. The traditional businesses keep on building barriers like capital and investments. But direct selling is making the business model more accessible to everyone.

Developing Rural India through Direct Selling

There’s a huge disparity between rural and urban areas. It exists in education, infrastructure, medical support, and business growth. Direct selling plays a significant role in eliminating such disparity. It’s a business model one can run from anywhere in India. If the area you live in doesn’t have much online presence, you can do the business through direct marketing. In fact, direct selling has only recently started shifting to online or hybrid model. To start a direct selling business, all a person has to do is buy the company’s products. One can start making a profit by reselling it.

Rural areas which have direct selling businesses have completely changed their situation. Development is only possible with the flow of money to that particular area. It could be through businesses, infrastructure development, investments and so on. The growth of direct selling in our rural areas has led to considerable development. The growth of rural areas contributes much to the growth of our economy.

Women Empowerment

Women have great talents and potential. It’s not right to stop women from starting a business or pursuing their dreams. Doing it creates a personal dilemma and an economic and social issue too. The social aspect of women empowerment is that they deserve to live a life or pursue a path they wish for. This basic freedom and dignity are human rights, and no one should take it away from her. While the economic aspect is the loss of human resources. Not using the potential, talents and ideas of women is a huge loss to the economy. Progressive countries where women lead and live freely have more economic growth than those that are not. Direct selling gives freedom to women in rural and urban areas to use their ideas fearlessly.

About 53 per cent of direct sellers in India are women. It’s the only industry where women dominate. The accessibility of direct selling makes it easy for women to get started. Plus, direct selling does not discriminate based on region. Women from both urban and rural India run the direct selling business.

Self-employment Opportunity with Direct Selling

Direct selling is the best self-employment option in India. Anybody can start a direct selling business. It doesn’t ask for a massive sum of capital. There is no need for a physical store or shop to do the business. One can join the business by buying the company’s products and registering online. Entering the business is so simple. It’s not easy to find a similar, beneficial self-employment opportunity.

Self-employment through direct selling is a growing area. The network keeps on increasing, giving people a credible source of income. The job creation through this opportunity is helpful to the Indian economy. The capital from direct selling is the biggest benefit of the model. Another contribution of direct selling to the economy is reducing unemployment. Self-employment with direct selling has an immense impact on the economy.

The fundamentals of an economy’s growth are its people. The transfer of money between them is the base of everything. Similar to the economy, the base of this business model is people. The business grows based on the work of the direct sellers. More people doing the business will result in more income creation and jobs. The growth of direct selling in the country has hugely impacted the Indian economy.

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