Book Review: The girl in room 105

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Hey Guys, I am back again with a book review of my favourite murder mystery novel,”The Girl in Room 105″ by Chetan Bhagat.

PLOT: This story is about Keshav and Zara, who were madly in love for each other for four long years. Zara,a Muslim Kashmiri Girl broke up with Keshav on some marriage-related issues and after that she happily moved on in her life with Raghu, a Tamil Brahmin Nerd, with one of the biggest startups of the country, but Keshav was still not over her.

Keshav and his best friend, Saurabh, were teaching in a Coaching class for their survival. Each year, on the night of her Birthday, Keshav drank and tried to not to call her for wishing, but each year under the force of emotions he uncontrollably did called her and each year , she hung the phone on a bitter note.

But that year,somehow he tried to control his emotions and to his utter surprise 5 Whatsapp messages from Zara Lone flashed on his phone. It was a shocking moment for both Keshav and Saurabh,since in all these years, for the first time a message came from her side , asking him to come to her hostel room to wish her for Birthday.

So he quickly changed his dress and went to IIT DELHI Hostel with his friend Saurabh and showed and old ID entry pass to the watchman which he used in his academic year. Like the old days, he climbed on to the mango tree to enter her room through her windows, the room was completely dark and silent. Keshav thought Zara was playing prank with him, but as soon as he touched Zara , he was dumbstruck to realise that Zara was no more….

Now, it is a mystery which Keshav is gonna solve for her ex-love, Zara Lone and in the course of it, he will learn to Unlove Zara. So , if you are really reluctant to find out the killer of Zara…read it… because I don’t want to steal this moment of yours. You will find out the reasons for why an obsessive Lover like Keshav, turns to Unlove Zara…

Hoping you guys, will love this story and find out the killer of Zara like I did…

Till then,

Happy Reading!!!

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