What is perfect?


We all have different views on life. As much as people may describe life as a rollercoaster, it all depends on your view on rollercoaster ride. Is the ride a direct ticket to your worst nightmare or is it a blissful ride to your fantasy world.

Anyway, yesterday during one of my many visits to my mind, I started asking myself what would be an on point definition to perfect ( I didn’t want to say a perfect definition lol). I look it up in the dictionary and got the definition such as “without defect or blemish” which I in my opinion think such definition so fixed. I decided to ask my friends what perfect means to them and I got interesting, funny and view changing responses.

“I think perfect is when everything is working out for me,” said one. Another one said that he sees perfect every time he looks in the mirror. To Fash though, perfect is flawsome … accepting your flaws and still finding yourself awesome. Others defined it as “minus any problems”, or ” when everything iko fine fine” as Joey put it.

Perfect to you maybe something else, three meals a day,a full tank car, a vacation at your dream country, a non-double standards society, freedom etc. Your perfect does not have to make sense to anybody else because perfect is a wide adjective and should not be limited to one definition.

What is perfect to you?

267 thoughts on “What is perfect?

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