Open letter to the rapists

To him, her, them, my rapists
Hey, I could have said I hope you are good,
but I know you are
not that I want you to be
but I’m just a nobody
you’re a somebody

It’d been days since the day
I’ve been silent just as you asked
more like threatened
I don’t know what’s worst
the fact that I see you everyday
that I can’t do a thing

I have questions
they’d be eating me inside out
why me?
I mean I’m not beautiful,
Never done you any wrong,
Wealthy I’m not either
I’m just me
not that I’m wishing what you did me to the beautiful, wealthy or those who wronged you
But why me

Tell me was it a rush action
you’ve been planning this since you moved to the hood
Remember how my parents loves you?
That you’d set a good example to us their children?
they’ll never know that you’re a multifaceted asshole, will they?

You knew I was a coward
I couldn’t even tell mum
they day you “accidentally” touched me inappropriately
you knew the rocky relationship in the family
and took advantage
you’re an opportunist you say

Remember when I gathered enough courage?
enough to tell my best friend about it?
I mean, I , for one cannot
Not when Sanny and I
have scars to remind us
the consequences if we “misbehaved”

Do you know the guilt
that creeps me
every time Sanny has
an episode of panic attack
knowing I’m the cause
knowing she had to endure same fate as me
just for there for me?

you could feel all this if you had humanity left on you
but knowing you,
I doubt you do
I sometimes want to blame people
for falling easy to your
boy next door facade
but I remember I once saw you as one
but now I know the monster you are
never remorseful, never flinching

I still have many questions
ones I know you wouldn’t answer
I will not issue any threats,
I’m a coward remember
I will do nothing either
because it’s your words against mine
and once again you are you
loved and cherished in the hood
who would believe me?
a goody two-shoe weirdo
an oddball they say?
So, until I’m brave
which might be never,
I will just say

112 thoughts on “Open letter to the rapists

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