Cellular Agriculture

Food and agricultural products are considered to be the most essential commodity for a human to survive . With the growing awareness about a healthy lifestyle and diet many products have come in the market that focus on individual health and care . Thus making this industry vital in terms of economy and global health. However food production contributes significantly to air pollution; in turn, air pollution can impact food production. 

Cellular agriculture

Cellular agriculture – An important choice

Cellular agriculture is the production of agricultural products from cell cultures.

There are two kinds of agricultural products: acellular products and cellular products. Acellular products are made of organic molecules like proteins and fats and contain no cellular or living material. Cellular products are made of living or once-lived cells.
One potential alternative to conventional agricultural methods is to introduce biotechnological manufacture into the food system.

Industrial biotechnology is a field that could not only provide a solution to ensuring safe and sustainable food supply, but it could have positive impacts on societies and economies by providing new biomaterials for use in fields such as cosmetics and medicine. Cellular agriculture can be considered the extending arm of industrial biotechnology.

Right choice


Acellular Agriculture

Acellular animal products are made without animals by using a microbe like yeast or bacteria. 
In the example of milk made in yeast, the yeast were altered by inserting in them the gene carrying the blueprints for casein, a milk protein. Since all cells read the same genetic code, the yeast, now carrying so-called recombinant DNA, makes casein identical to the casein cows make. 

Acellular agriculture milk production

Animal insulin could be considered the first cellular agriculture product. In 1922, Frederick Banting, Charles Best, and James Collip treated the first diabetic patient with an insulin injection.
We make a food animal product without animals already, too. Rennet is a mixture of enzymes that turns milk into curds and whey in cheesemaking.  
While these commodities are the most useful items of household to big industries themselves they cause the life of thousands of animals and their products purification process leads to massive amounts of CO2 emissions .
For traditional dairy milk, the emissions of methane from belching cows constitute a large fraction (41%) of the total impact of milk on climate change. As a global average, dairy milk is responsible for 1.39 kilograms of CO2-equivalents to the atmosphere for every liter produced. 

Example of insulin production

If not plant based then what ?

Prior to cellular agriculture, there had not been a more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to the livestock agriculture system for people who eat meat . The growing global demand for meat and animal products illustrate that most people are not prepared to change their eating habits and lifestyle from eating meat to plant-based alternatives and, consequently, instead of urging people to eat more plant-based diets, the next best option is to find a better way to produce meat, and that is exactly what cellular agriculture offers. By providing the alternative, cellular agriculture has the potential of helping reduce global greenhouse gas emissions as well as promote more responsible uses of natural resources.

Cell culture forming eco friendly meat

Benefits of cellular agriculture

1. Beyond the environmental impact, it is also important to note that, by avoiding the use of actual livestock to make products, cellular agriculture would also impact animal welfare. By producing meat and dairy without requiring livestock, no animals would have to be used, and this reduces the number of animals used in the food production process .

2. Furthermore, as the global demand for meat increases, large factory farms would be put under more pressure to produce more animal products, and, consequently, it is likely that animal welfare conditions would worsen from their current state, including increased confinement and imperfect slaughter conditions, to meet the demand.

3. In terms of human health implications, cellular agriculture meat would not be fed the large amounts of antibiotics that are given to animals in conventional livestock agriculture .

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