See, I was struggling to fall asleep one midnight when I was thinking that in our society we have always said that men are animals,rapists,molesters,etc but we have never realized the fact that they are also humans just like all of us and not all of them are the same which is quite similar to when we say that not all women are feminists…. so I later came up with the blog idea which I titled “NOT ALL MEN.”


When media feed my mind with the incidents of rapes, domestic violence, & acid attacks, when in front of me surrounding places a platter of cases on eve-teasing, bullying & body shaming, when my heart gets empty seeing the torment of my girlfriends after being ditched for no reason by their undeserving boyfriends, then I don’t find a way without gulping the not-so-infamous sentence “All men are dogs”. I convince my conscience that the mentality & intentions of men are cheap & crooked which can never be straightened for good.

I start to doubt myself for trusting the men around me & inside my head. But how can that sentence, that notion chew my belief when I have seen my father behaving his female colleagues with the utmost respect when I have seen him treating my mother like a monarch! How can that notion melt inside my mind when on the faces of my brother I have seen the hesitation for staying long & over consciousness for not making anyone uncomfortable during crossing a crowd of females, How can that notion churn my hope in humanity when I have seen my fellow male writers making me aware of the frauds bothering women & when the ink of their pens drop to enhance the women empowerment! How can I propel that notion deep inside my heart when I have seen the doctor in front of whom I once feared to uplift my dress treating female patients so genuinely

How can I change my gratitude into hatred when I have seen goodness dripping from the personalities of many men I know! I think it’s completely lame to throw the mud of blame on a particular gender for the fault of some. Does the crime of some rubbish people of their gender thrust them into the pit of suspicion, don’t they deserve to be treated like good humans! One just needs to possess the right sense of distinguishing.


Biology teaches that it’s the high testosterone that makes a human a man, different from a woman. But who fills the heads of many men that a woman’s body is all about discovering the underneath of bra straps & inside her underwear! If they aren’t feeling grateful for their origins, if they aren’t feeling guilty before committing such heinous crimes, then they aren’t dogs. Because dogs are faithful & these culprits shatter the faith of women in men, in human beings. They are demons meant to be eradicated from the world. They are dust meant to be wiped away from society.
Lastly, let me tell that all aren’t same. So all men don’t deserve blame.


Women talking about their experiences make you, a person in an authoritative position in this patriarchal society, insecure. Why else you would want to turn all attention to yourself when I woman is speaking up? Or because you as an individual feel attacked when she’s not even calling you out? A guilty conscience needs no accuser, right? When you do this you are compelling the woman to take a defensive stand; and explain herself and the validity of her experience.

Whenever a societal group is being talked about as a whole, we talk about the majority of it, and not each individual. When women are ranting about men ruining their lives, they are talking about the sexist, oppressive world and not ranting about a particular person. Men, when being referred to as such, is in a connotation of patriarchal men; men because of whom women cannot go for a stroll alone at night. Notice how I used ‘we’ and ‘alone’ there in the same sentence? Because women, doesn’t matter how many, are always alone without a male presence; that’s internalized patriarchy


Let’s consider the possibility that you, after reading this, still have the audacity of sticking to the argument “but still, not all men, y’know?” I’ll help you with that. Since you are so defensive, say you’re not a predator; however, that does not mean you do not enjoy certain privileges due to the power structure and dynamics of the patriarchal society. The actions of even a few men to exert power over and control women, reinforces women’s position in the society and contributes to keeping them submissive. So basically, even if it is “not all men” who hurt, “all men” do reap the benefits of what a lot of men do to keep women down.

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  1. That is the appropriate blog for anybody who desires to search out out about this topic. You realize so much its virtually onerous to argue with you (not that I truly would need…HaHa). You positively put a brand new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, simply nice!

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