What does Swimming mean to me and its benefits

When I started getting into sports, I got tougher and tougher because I had to go throw many difficult situations as a child. Diving is the sport that monopolized my childhood, my personal life, and my decisions in life. I started going to the swimming pool when I was 5 years old. My mom took me because she wanted me to learn how to swim. I remember exactly my mom’s words when we entered the pool and we saw the 50 meters swimming pool. She said: “ If you don’t swim this entire pool, we’ll go home and don’t ever come back”. In my eyes the pool was 500 meters long and I got very nervous and scared to be there. The coaches that I had were severe which was a problem for me because, I was that type of child who cries and gets embarrassed.

For me swimming was not just for relaxation it was a sport where I could test my ability, strength and the stamina of swimming kilometres. It was a place where I used to be at peace of mind. No wonder some medical practitioners prescribe it as a treatment and prevention of many kinds of mental and physical disorders.

1. Cardio And Strength Training In One Place


You can stop and rest at any time, in most other forms of exercise. However, in swimming, there is a need to continue to swim until you’re sure you won’t sink. Therefore, swimming helps you develop not just your cardio but also your strength. 

People who swim regularly have a better working heart, so they are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases like cardiac arrest and high blood pressure. At the same time, you’re going to be building all those important muscles that will make you look young, active, and vibrant. 

2. Use All Of Your Muscles

Swimming is one of the few exercises that make use of all the muscles in your body. With swimming, you will be able to increase your heart rate without stressing your body, tone muscles, build strength, and build endurance. It is in fact, a very healthy activity.

Good swimmers make use of a variety of strokes to add flavor and style to their workout. You can do breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, butterfly, and freestyle. All of these target different muscle groups that provide gentle resistance and get your entire body active. 

3. Improve Brain Function

Your brain is the boss of your body that controls everything you do, even when you’re at sleep. One of the most significant health benefits of swimming is keeping your brain functional and healthy. 

The movement of your muscles and your body during swimming triggers hormones that charge the neurotransmitters in your brain, thereby improving their communication and activities.

Thirty minutes of swimming burns at least 400 calories. If you swim for one hour every day, four times a week, you could lose at least one pound, which is a big deal. Since swimming is fun, you won’t even realize when one hour is over. Health Benefits Of Swimming

4. Lose Weight

Obesity and excessive weight are two of the biggest health issues in the modern world. Exercise can be a pain for most people, especially when you need plenty of effort to shed those pounds. Swimming is one of the best options for people who want to lose weight and still keep their sanity. 

5. Boosting Mood

Tejinder bags twin swimming gold

Mental health is a severe issue in the world today. Busy lifestyle, disappointment, work schedules, and other matters can make you feel very terrible about yourself, leading to depression and mood problems. 

Many mental health experts recommend that people who’re dealing with mood issues should try and swim often. Swimming releases endorphins, which are the hormones that make you feel good. Regular swimming promotes easy breathing and lung function, which can deliver more oxygen into your body and support cell functions. All of these will lead to heightened mental capacity, and that will make you feel good all day long. 

6. Manage Your Stress Levels

Everyone has got something that stresses them in their lives. It could be your work, school, project, family, kids, or even your environment. Stress management and reduction are also part of the health benefits of swimming. During the workout, you completely forget about your troubles and focus on getting to the end of the pool. 

The coolness of the water you’re swimming in also adds to your overall health condition that reduces the effect of stress hormones in your body. Also, swimming through water produces a massaging effect that triggers the release of feel-good hormones in your brain. If you suspect that you’re stressed out, you can get better by swimming at least three times a week. 

Swimming Is Not a Natural Skill

Unfortunately, swimming is not a natural skill, but it is a skill anyone can master. There are various methods of swimming. Some are best for speed, and others are designed for traveling long distances without wearing out. But it is better to learn more than one method, that way you can enjoy it more and it can even save your life.

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