India shares its large part of northern and north-eastern borders with china which comprises nearly 3488 kilometres. Both countries are considered among the oldest civilizations across the globe. China has been invaded by Japan, Russia, and the Mongolian empire. During the mid 20th century China gain power and became a permanent member of the united nations. Being a communist government and a mix of the capitalist economy it has always tried to control the territories as well as the economy.

China always had a vision of territorial expansion among its neighborhood bordering countries. Recent claims of china on the autonomy of Taiwan and opposition to including Taiwan in the world health association meeting show its firm attitude on territorial claims.

From the past itself China has many border and territorial disputes such as- Scarborough shoal over the Philippines, natuna islands water bodies over the nine-dash line. Chinese claims on the south china sea is a great concern for many countries using that route for trades.From the geopolitical aspect, China has been criticized to follow a debt-trap policy. Under this regime, China has been investing heavily in infrastructural projects of underdeveloped and developing countries but when the nation fails to pay back the loans, it forces it to relinquish its assets to China. Gwadar port in Pakistan, Hambantota port in Srilanka and a naval base in Djibouti are few examples of its hidden agenda.

To tackle this issue Indian government has made intense scrutiny in the FDI’s(foreign direct investments) from its neighborhood countries sharing direct borders. There have been instances when many private firms were offered loans, especially during this pandemic COVID-19.

Recent border violations within parts of Ladakh and Sikkim have alarmed the Indian armed forces as well as paramilitary. In 2017, standoff in doklam was ephemeral. China seems to be harsh this time on its border claims. It has brought armies to the galwan valley near Leh in Jammu and Kashmir. Back in 1962 also, Galwan was intruded as had become a point of dispute. Both the countries having a standoff alongside the eastern and western parts of the galwan river.

China in the pressure of COVID-19 origin blames and the retreating of many manufacturing companies trying to show the world it’s still a superpower. Even true in some manner as it has recovered from the pandemic a per the sources. But having said that, during this lockdown and global pandemic it becomes utmost important to at least put off this matter for now.

As the situation is escalating day by day, diplomatic and bilateral talks will only resolve this issue. The border disputes have been a matter of quarrel for many countries. This seems not the feasible and perfect time to raise such issues.


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