6 Ways To Beat Laziness


Laziness can often feel like something that you can’t get past.

But don’t let those thoughts fool you because you can totally get past those feelings of laziness and procrastination by following the steps that are below.

These steps are created to help both get past the feelings of laziness but also to help prevent them from happening again. If you can get yourself into a better mindset then you will find yourself feeling less lazy less often!

So if you want to stop being as lazy and start getting more done then keep reading and start implementing these tips to beat your laziness.

1) Make daily to-do lists

Daily to-do lists only take about 5 minutes each morning to jot down what you need to do each day. I recommend trying to list everything in order of importance but you may not be able to accomplish everything in that order and that’s fine!

Try getting a simple to-do list notepad to make this easy and help create a positive daily routine that helps you avoid laziness.

2) Evaluate your bad habits

Which is why it is so important to evaluate what bad habits you are guilty of. If you are not honest with yourself then you won’t be able to overcome any negative habits or behaviors including being honest!

Try grabbing a notebook and writing down every habit and behavior you have that you don’t want to continue. Then once you know what you want to work on you can start making plans for how to improve them and therefore better yourself and be less lazy.

3) Take efficient breaks throughout the day

Taking breaks seems like you’re being lazy right?

Wrong! Taking strategic breaks throughout the day actually increases your productivity and helps you get more done.

This is because you are able to work in productive time frames and give your brain time to reset and return to working refreshed and ready to get stuff done.

To know more about this I have compiled all the tips just for you here.


4) Minimize distractions

Distractions don’t necessarily cause laziness but they can enable laziness to continue and make it harder to get back to being productive.

Distractions can really feed into your procrastination which can enable laziness which means you have to start taking the correct steps towards minimizing distractions.

Note: I say minimize not eliminate because completely eliminating distractions is very unlikely but there are absolutely steps you can take to minimize distractions.

5) Create positive routines

Positive routines throughout your day is absolutely one of the most effective ways to combat laziness.

If you currently don’t have positive daily routines you should start with the main 3:

Work day routines

Before bed routines

By creating positive routines then you start to form habits and by forming those habits you are able to help avoid laziness because doing everything in your routine become instinctual and requires less motivation.

6) Find motivation that works for you

Motivation is something that is deeply personal to each and every person. Something that works for your spouse, friend, coworker, etc will not necessarily work for you.

Which means that the first step you have to take is to figure out what motivates you. Some people are motivated by goals, some by praise, some by remembering who they are improving for, or so many other things.

The next step is to find a way to regularly remind yourself of what motivates you.

Laziness can be difficult to overcome but if you commit to making steps in the right direction you can start to make progress towards bettering your productivity and overcoming laziness.

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