Making Your Bed In The Morning


I cannot stress enough on the importance of Making Your Bed In The Morning. It’s is a new habit that I learned which has made a positive impact in my life. I make my bed the minute I am up.

Previously this used to seem like a hassle and I would leave it as it is upto a week till it looked like an inmate had been sleeping in it. Here is why making my bed makes me feel good:

1. Whenever I enter my room and have a look at it, it feels like an accomplishment. I see a tidy bed and I know I did it which makes me proud. The feeling that “I did it” is much more impactful than you can imagine. Even if it is the smallest of things.

2. When my bed is made, I try not to lie down on it because it looks so nice that I don’t want to spoil it. This helps those with depression especially because they should only be in bed when they want to sleep.

Making Your Bed In The Morning
Making Your Bed In The Morning

3. The best feeling is when I am back home from school and tut ions. I am exhausted at the time but as soon as I enter my room my face lights up. This is not happening much ever since I have been working from home but otherwise it would be an instant mood lifter!

Conclusion on Making Your Bed In The Morning
I know there has been a lot of negativity and noise all around in this corona frenzy. Some days, if my only achievement of the day is that I have made my bed in the morning, I consider it to be good enough. Robin Sharma says that small changes made overtime can transform us in amazing ways. So start with this small change and see how it makes your day much better overtime. It may seem forced at first but like all good things, it will benefit if you stick with it long enough.

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