From deciding where to go in the first place to discovering a quaint little hotels five stars were from another galaxy,holidays can be a headache. So here I am providing you with a few tips for how to have a PERFECT HOLIDAY.

(1) Know your goals

when you sit down to plan your holiday the first step is to make sure you are very clear about what you want to get out of it. Do you want an immersion in culture?Do you want to read a sack of novels or tango till dawn?Do you eat extensive family bonding time or time for every member of the family to try things on their own?

(2)Tailor your trip to fit those goals

If you want to choose your culture,you don’t want to head for one-shack-only South Pacific island.But i you want to relax that might be he perfect place.If you want a lot of family time an all inclusive resort might be the best option for you.

(3)Read up before you go

Get a good guide book or two and read up on the culture,history and attractions of the destination.Surf the internet for more information,read the local online publications.The more you know the better you will be able to appreciate the place and choose from many options it presents

(4)Pack light and right

Take clothes that are adaptable and cram everything you need into a carry on bag if you can.Your heart will soar when you get to skip a line at the check-in-and when you arrive and breeze by your fellow passengers waiting for their bags

(5) Leave time for serendipity

Remember that the best moments about just any trip are the unexpected ones. Leave plenty of time to visit an irresistible shop,have a long chat with an old timer at a cafe or go on an impromptu day trip with a new bunch of friends from a local spot.

(6) Reserve the first night

My personal rule of thumb is to always have a place to stay the night I arrive somewhere.When I am tired and jet lagged I dont want to have to deal with the two dozen touts who shout at me and pluck at my bags as I step outside the terminal.

(7)When you have got a lemon make a lemonade out of it

Disasters happen. They are a part of our travel.And you can fuss and fume or you can enjoy them. If the train inexplicably stops in the middle of nowhere,break out your bread and cheese and notice the pop-pies and traditional farmhouses in the far-off field. If you get lost, follow your instinct and ask someone who looks trustworthy for help.If you can’t read the menu, look at what fellow diners are eating and point to what looks good.

(8) Go local

Eat where the locals eat; shop where they shop.Ask the hotel clerk for recommendations. On my last trip to Hawaii, i heard about a neighborhood hula festival from a hotel clerk. I was the only visitor there and I feasted on homemade bread and fried chicken and watched a heart-warming hula.

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