How To Dream Big Without Being Played-Out?


To understand how to work towards your dreams we have to first evaluate what burnout looks like because you can’t avoid something if you don’t know what to watch for.

What does burnout look like?

Well it can look very different for everyone! There is really a scale of burnout and some people start at the bottom and move up and some people jump right to the top in a big, explosive episode of burnout.

For the sake of understanding burnout and what it looks like we will refer to these different results as levels but keep in mind they can be different for everyone and can come in different orders.

Level 1) Procrastination

The first thing that happens to most people when they are beginning to burnout is procrastination. You start putting off the tasks that you need to do whether or not those are the specific tasks that are making you feel burnt out.

Level 2) Cutting corners

You have finally got up the motivation to perform the tasks you were procrastinating and now you are completing the tasks. However, when you are starting to burnout you start to cut corners. Your work stops being the same high quality because you are burning out from it.

Level 3) Anger towards work

About halfway through burning out a lot of people start to feel anger and resentment to their work.

That can either be at their company, their boss, their specific tasks, their job role etc. But you start to feel like you need something to blame for feeling like you are burning out.

Level 4) Giving up on your dreams

The final stage of burnout is giving up.

Giving up on your dreams can look like quitting your job, changing your college major, shutting down your business, stopping working out, etc. Whatever your dream is that you were working towards that was causing the burnout.

Now you know what burnout looks like but what can cause you to get there?

What causes burnout?

1) Not knowing your path

A factor that can cause you to burnout is not actually knowing your path.

If you don’t know either where you are headed in your life or if you have a dream but don’t know the path to get there, it can be exhausting and mentally draining.

2) Not being prepared for new challenges

When things get thrown at you without a warning it can be difficult to re-adjust. Leading to a period of time where you are still learning the new task/challenge/job and trying to balance everything else. Which can very quickly lead to burnout especially if this was a large task being thrown at you.

3) Overly ambitious goals

The final thing that can really cause burnout is being way too ambitious with your goals.

Trying to work 4 jobs to get debt free in 1 year? Trying to lose 40 pounds in a month? Trying to become a CEO of a Fortune 500 company by 30 years old?

Those kind of super ambitious goals can push you too hard and make you burnout before you can get any where near them! Setting high goals and dreaming is important but make sure that your goals are not so crazy that they destroy you while you are trying to achieve them.

You now know what burnout looks like and how it can happen. So now the most important element, how you can actually avoid burning out.

How do you avoid burning out?

Tip 1) Do tasks with a purpose

If you do not know the purpose or reason behind tasks then those specific tasks are significantly more likely to burn you out.

This may involve asking yourself or your boss some important questions about why you are doing certain tasks. But asking those questions can lead to getting helpful knowledge and insight that can help you not burnout.

You may also discover that some time consuming tasks are actually not essential tasks.

Tip 2) Spend time with loved ones

Spending time with loved ones is the best mental way to help avoid burnout.

If possible, try to commit a no-work day once a week (most commonly people choose Sunday) and focus the whole day to spending time with your family and friends. If you can try to make it both fun and relaxing as well.

If you don’t live near loved ones then try to make sure and visit as often as you can and make frequent calls back home. This is especially important for college students and young professionals!

Tip 3) Disconnect for at least an hour a day

Disconnecting from your phone and email for at least an hour a day gives your brain some much needed rest from work and can do a lot for keeping you from burning out.

Note: this needs to be a consecutive hour! Not just 20 or 30 minutes intervals throughout your day.

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