Suffering in silence:Men CANNOT cry


Boys Shouldn’t Cry And Real Men Don’t Cry is the gender stereotypical view of the stoic male.The toxic patriarchal society has instilled this belief into ALL males. They are instructed from a young age that boys who cry are weak.A man is strong, they are told, and emotions are weak. At all costs never ever show, even feel, emotions. Throughout their day to day consumption of media and their social interactions ,whether it’s their parents, peers, playground games , teachers, or television they are told – real men don’t cry.



Toughen up.Man up.Be a big boy. Be a real man is what is told to them from a very young age. They fear being mocked by their friends and family instead of being supported.So they learn from childhood to suppress their emotions to hide their feelings. As they grow into adulthood suppressing their emotions takes hiding their emotions to another level. They start to repress their emotions , which means that they have taken uncomfortable feelings and emotions , and hidden them in their unconscious to the extent they are no longer aware they have them at all


Regardless of our backgrounds whether it is race, gender,sexual orientation, age, religion ,ethnicity, education or political stances, we are all HUMAN. We ALL have pain, suffering, vulnerabilities,hopes, dreams, plans, goals, failures, weaknesses, objectives, beliefs, feelings, emotions,needs, and desires.Men feel emotion just as much as women, sometimes more strongly, but are less willing to express these emotions openly due to expectations put on them by society.The damage inflicted by this societal idea is incalculable. The repressed pain ,hurt and fear that no one must know about ,forces men to put on a tough exterior. This Hyper-masculinity hurts boys as they are developing and growing up. Society ,and parents need to help boys from a young age to feel included and curious about their feelings, not shame them ,or make them feel badly about their feelings and emotions. It’s vital to encourage boys to admit to any feeling and emotions outside of the narrow range of feelings and emotions acceptable for a man.

Displaying emotions prove a man is a human being, instead of an unstoppable ,unbreakable, strong robot.It shouldn’t be necessary to stop being a person in order to be a man.Crying doesn’t compromise a man’s masculinity.

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